Case overview

Mechano is a cell phone application-based solution for the Auto repairing industry of Pakistan. We at Mechano, aim to provide the best possible service to our clients. Users can avail multiple resources for their auto vehicle repair and car wash needs.

Mechano introduces door step end to end user services, by just one click Mechano team will be on your location to facilitate you with your Car wash, Car repairing & Car maintenance needs as per your standards and satisfaction.


The Brief

Since beginning, the auto repairing industry has been lagging in providing standard car repairing services and fixed prices in all over the country. Connect Station is launching the Mechano App, which is a nationwide network of certified car repair centers that will be responsible for all your car repair needs with standard operating procedures and stabilized fixed prices across the cities.

Our Approach

By just one click you can easily find nearby mechanics, Auto parts shops, Auto repair And car wash as per their abilities, experience, and performances. Now you can vote them up and down, by placing your positive feedback to make their services better.

People across Pakistan didn’t have the resources to make smart and efficient choices regarding car repairs. Mechano took responsibility of connecting end users with best possible auto repair resource available around you for your convenience and emergencies.

The Results

Lack of transparency in the prices of auto repair and car wash services is a very stressful experience for most of us. Now Mechano provides you the possibility to calculate market standard charges of services rendered against your vehicle repair. With Cost Estimator you can easily aware of the auto repairing charges you have to bear while repairing in your nearby market.